บาคาร่า- The game of bacarrat.

The history of บาคาร่า:

Since the mid-19th century, baccarat has been a game of popular interest to members of the French nobility and upper classes. It was highly popular during the Napoleonic era and was regularly enjoyed by the cream of society. 

Casino gambling was finally legalized in the year 1907 and since then it became easily accessible to the common people and the masses.

จีคลับ Banque can be called the earliest form of baccarat to be recognized. It is still widely played today. Chemmy on the other hand is among the most popular baccarat games practiced. It is a typical zero-sum game that involves two hands. In this game, the better has to bet on whether the banker hand will win or if the player has better chances. 

The exact origins of the game บาคาร่า are unclear and disputed. Some of the sources claim that the game originated around the mid-19th century, but no one knows for sure. Some others believe that this game has existed for much longer. They claim that it was a popular game played by Italian soldiers. And they are believed to have got it to France over some time thanks to the events dominating the time.

The modern version ofบาคาร่า developed in Havana in the late 1940s. it developed as a house-banked game and quickly became popular. Today it is the most popular form of the various modern บาคาร่า forms.

What is บาคาร่า?

Baccarat is one of the most commonly played card games by many casino goers. It has a huge loyal customer base who enjoy the thrill it provides. It is one of the comparing type card games played between two hands. In this context, the two hands mean the banker and the player.

This game is much loved all across the world. It, therefore, has various variants. Three of these variants are considered to be the most popular. 

  1. Punto banco is also known as the North American Baccarat.
  2. Chemmy is sometimes referred to as Baccarat Chemin.
  3. And the Baccarat Banque.

Each round of play in baccarat is referred to as a coup. Each coup in baccarat has three possible outcomes:

  • “Player”: where the player has the higher score.
  • “Banker”: where the banker earns the higher score.
  • And the regular “Tie”.


In the game of baccarat, all the cards have a setpoint value. Ranging from the 2 through 9 cards, in each suit. These cards are worth their face values. The aces are worth one point, while the king, queen, and jack have zero worth. 

The value of the hands depends upon the units’ digits. It is calculated to be the sum of the constituent cards. In all baccarat games, the highest possible hand value, therefore, remains nine as the 10s do not have any value either.

Baccarat has only continued to grow in popularity in recent years. The casinos across the US alone, are estimated to be generating an increasing amount of revenue from the play of baccarat. It has almost become one of the favourites for regular casino goers.

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