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How to Get Your Music Featured on Music Blogs and Websites

If you’d like your music published on the biggest online music blogs and review websites, you’ve probably wondered where to send it. The first step is to find a music blog or website that accepts your style of music. While many blogs or websites accept various genres, each one has its own specific rules and …


Hashish CBD and Hashish THC : What is the story of Hashish ?

Its origins are lost in the mists of time, but it has always appeared among the certainly most appreciated and used derivatives of cannabis: we are talking about Hashish, a substance with proclaimed psychotropic effects, obtained from the female inflorescences of hemp sativa, precisely from trichomes, through specific manual or alternatively mechanical and chemical processes …


How To Style And Care For Your Off-White Milano Shoes

The popular off-white milano shoes were first released in 2016, and they quickly became a fashion staple. The shoes are named after the city of Milan, where they were designed. The minimalist style is perfect for any outfit, and the neutral color goes with everything. The shoes are made of high-quality leather and have a …