Blackstone Futures Review

Blackstone Futures Review (2021) - 🥇

This is a South African forex broker which has been in operation in the country for several years. It offers some of the best conditions for local traders. It is located in Rosenbank Johannesburg. It has substantial reach in the neighbouring countries like Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. This is not to say that it has the best features among the choices that a South African traders can have.

Blackstone Futures boasts an FSCA licence which can be easily tracked on the regulators website which dispels any doubts of the company being a scam. Their website is quite immaculate with a nice interface. However it is not easy to find the trading conditions on their website.

Their registration process is quite simple. The only information required is an email address. No additional information is required not even a phone number.

Can Blackstone Future be Trusted

Blackstone Futures does not have the best trading conditions. However, without any doubt, Blackstone Futures is not a scam. It has good spreads though not the best.

Blackstone Futures is regulated by the South African government. The FSCA license guarantees complete protection in case of anything goes wrong. 

Blackstone Futures’ liquidity is Finsa Europe and Finsa Pty Limited. The former is behind the European arm of Trade Nation registered both in Wales and England. The later is the Australian arm of trade Nation that holds a corresponding Australian Financial Services License.

Leverage and Spreads

The leverage and spread offered by Blackstone Futures Forex Broker is at per with industry standards. However, the truth is that they are disappointing. There are other smaller legit companies that offer larger leverages to their clients. At 1 pip, it is not the best since there are lower spreads at 0.5 and 0.8 from other brokers.

Opening an Account

A forex account is basically a trading account that traders hold with a specific broker for the purpose of trading financial instruments. There are two options that Blackstone Futures offer. These are ZAR and USD account

Opening an account with Blackstone Futures requires only an email address with no other additional information. There is no option for having a demo account or an Islamic Swap-free account. Once an account has been set up, depositing can only be done using banks or Wire Transfer. The waiting time is getting old with other players in the industry using for other faster means. 

Trading platform

Blackstone Futures offer a cloud-based trading technology referred to as CloudTrade. This is exclusive to Blackstone Futures customers. This technology is similar to Webtrader but much faster.

For those who do not wish to be tangled in Cloud trade, they can opt for the good old Meta Trader 4. This has been the most popular trading platform in the industry. 

It is preferred by many traders worldwide. Meta Trader 4 has numerous excellent features coupled with user friendly interface and can be customized easily. 

Some of the key features of Meta Trader 4 are; automatic trading through custom EAs and scripts, a customizable user-friendly interface, various indicators and tools and a wide range of charts and timeframes.

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