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How to Protect Your Brand with international trademarks

Companies safeguard their investments and brand equity by using trademarks, it is a symbol, name, or another device that identifies products and services as those of a particular company when you register your trademark it alerts other companies that your brand is important and should be protected. However, many companies are not aware that their …


Salary Pay check Calculator : find out the amount of your salary before tax

To use a salary pay check calculator, you need the amount of your net pay check plus taxes and benefits. To use the calculator, enter the net amount you are receiving and your annual salary. If you have a variable pay schedule, you can enter a different pay period, such as every other week. The …


Safety Consultation Services For Small Businesses

For many companies, the most expensive option for safety consultation services is to hire an expert to conduct a formal audit of the company’s current health and safety practices. However, if you’re operating a small business and are unable to afford the cost, an OSHA consultant can provide similar advice for free. An OSHA consultant …