How to Get Your Music Featured on Music Blogs and Websites

If you’d like your music published on the biggest online music blogs and review websites, you’ve probably wondered where to send it. The first step is to find a music blog or website that accepts your style of music. While many blogs or websites accept various genres, each one has its own specific rules and guidelines for music submission. Read those guidelines carefully, and don’t submit your track unless you’re certain it’s appropriate for their style.

Typically, music services will post their preferred formats. Some accept only digital submissions, while others may only accept physical ones. Some may only accept vinyl, which is generally used for hip hop or punk records. Most music reviewers, however, accept EPs as well. While many music services do not accept CDs, they often accept MP3s and downloadable files. To ensure the best possible chances of a successful placement, the music service will also require underlined content.

While it’s important to find a music blog that supports your style, you can also look for other blogs that feature similar genres or styles of music. A great way to find a blog with which to submit is to use a music blog directory such as Hype Machine, which aggregates the latest posts of hundreds of indie music blogs. Once you’ve found a few blogs you like, make a note of them and send them a music sample.

While some music services prefer digital file submissions, others prefer streaming from their servers. While most music services have online forms that artists fill out and upload, some ask for digital files via a file sharing service. These file-sharing services transfer large files to clients. In addition, some services offer cloud-enabled transfer, which allows them to download your music submission quickly. These services are often worth the fee because they allow you to send your music directly to them without any hassles.

When submitting your music to record labels, be aware that the industry is competitive, and it’s best to use professional methods. Record labels do not have the time to respond to every music submission that lands on their desk. Keeping your submissions up to date and sending them as often as you can will increase your chances of getting a listen. A good rule of thumb is to send your tracks to smaller labels before submitting them to big companies.

When submitting your music, always keep a call to action in mind. A call-to-action may include mentioning a weekly series of music or a website with additional information. Never leave this information vague or confusing. Make sure to include this call-to-action within the first two sentences of your e-mail. There are no exceptions to this rule! Your submission should be a clear, concise summary of your music and a few important things to keep in mind.

When sending your music to various labels, it’s crucial to include metadata. This will be important for both the end-user and for producing samplers. In addition, you can submit your tracks to Gracenote and CDDB, and hard-mail these to labels. This will help populate iTunes with your music. As long as you add the metadata to your music, you will be able to submit your music to more than one platform. If you’re submitting to more than one platform, you’ll want to create a database for each of those outlets.

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