How To Tow A Car In 9 Steps

If you’re stuck and you can’t start the car, you may need to be towed to a repair shop or to a safe place where you can get it fixed yourself. Here are tips on how to safely tow your car or visitบริการรถยกรถลากบางบัวทอง/ .

1 Find someone who has one powerful enough to tow your vehicle. Sedan or small cars are unsuitable for towing a van or off-road vehicle.

2 Purchase a suitable towing strap. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a rope to tow a vehicle a short distance, but it can be dangerous because the chains aren’t taut, and joints can break during towing. A nylon webbing or manufactured polyester hooks are safer for towing.

3 Looking for a suitable place to attach the belt. A hook on the bumper with a hitch on the car pulled work but attaching to the car you are going to tow hard work. Suspension system parts are not designed to withstand pulling pressure, while other metal components can break the belt. Ideally, the couplings for a rounded frame support shock absorber, but these vary depending on the model of the car.

 4 Check the brakes, steering, and hazard lights to ensure they work well for the trailer. If the vehicle is equipped with brakes and power steering, their use is limited if the engine is off when you start the trailer. In this case, renting a mobile platform is the best choice.

5 Examine the trailer connections and talk to the driver who will assist you in signaling they will use. Plan the exact route and try to use one that avoids high-speed traffic areas or routes.

6 Get your car off the parking brake and keep the transmission neutral. Press the brake to prevent the car from sliding only until the belt is tensioned and the car will be towed.

7 Have someone alert you when the belt is about to stiffen so you know when to release the brake, then get ready to be towed.

8 Handles straight with the car that is towing it. Brake slightly if the car in front slows down or starts a descent where your speed can overdo it. If it breaks too when towing the car, it will accelerate a pull will occur on the belt that can cause it to break. You should try to keep the line taut to reduce this risk.

9 Notes inform the curves to the cars behind you; you will lose speed.

TIPS In some jurisdictions, towing vehicles is prohibited on public roads. In some jurisdictions, you must place a sign that says “Vehicle being towed” or “Vehicle on trailer” on the back of the towed car. Use hazard lights to alert other drivers.

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