Questions To Ask Before Buying Magic Mushroom

Now that you know the many benefits of magic mushrooms, the next thing you have in mind is to buy magic mushroom canada shop online. Sure, who would not be excited knowing that they can buy their supply of mushrooms right at the comfort of their own homes and in private? But of course, before you get so excited, it is imperative that you ask series of questions first before finally deciding buying your set.

The more questions you ask a shop, the closer you could get from getting satisfied with your purchase. If you feel hesitant asking questions, don’t be, as it is your right as a customer, you just have to make sure that the questions are all relevant so you wont be wasting anyone’s time.

Moving on, to help you get started, here are some of the questions you need to ask about mushrooms.

  • Can you deliver in my location

Asking if they can deliver in your location is a must. Not all shops are allowed to deliver mushrooms to different places. Due to its addictive effects, it is still not legal everywhere. And the guidelines the shops need to follow are stricter compared to other shops selling regular items.

Make sure that they can deliver in your location. You would not want to choose from the many options of mushrooms they have and enp up disappointed since they do not allow delivery in your location.

Before putting mushroom on your basket, make sure that the shop is good to deliver to your location or anywhere else you want them to deliver the goods.

  • Do you allow exchange and return?

You may also want to know if they allow exchange and return of items. Remember, you are placing your order online. There is no chance you can see their items until you received them. Photos are not enough to completely describe the effect and the actual look of their items, hence asking if they allow return and exchange is a good idea.

Also, if they allow it, who will shoulder the shipping expense or do you need to pay an amount for your items to be replaced? Could you get your money back or they only allow exchange?

  • Could you offer cheaper price when I order in bulk?

If you are planning to buy in bulk, calling their customer service to ask if they could give you better rates is a good idea. Some shops offer their customers with a better rate when they make bulk purchases, it may not be announced on their online shop hence asking about it is recommended.

  • Do you ask for requirements before I can place my order?

What are the requirement do they need so you can place your order? Do they need your credit or debit card information? Do they need your identification card? Do they need a prescription and so on. Make sure that you choose a shop where you can comply with their requirements.

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