Ring Size Chart-Functional Utility

Rings are always seen as fascinating objects. They have been a source of our imagination. They are worn on fingers, toes, nose and nowadays on any part of the body. They are more than a decorative item or a souvenir. A highly prized symbol of fidelity, social status and authority. But ring size chart has always been neglected and their importance undermined.

Can be used at homes

Earlier this ring size chart was only available in the jewellery shop. Nowadays, ring size chart can be bought at such low prices from anywhere. They are cheap and a wonderful asset to have but what is more fascinating about them is that they can be used without much expertise. All one is required to know is that how to use a scale (ruler). Many jewellers even send their ring size chart to their customers’ homes so that they can provide correct measurements with the help of this ring size chart.

When to measure size of finger for ring

While measuring the size of the finger one must be careful that the ring size should be measured at an ideal time. The size of the fingers for most people are at their largest during the evening and they are at their smaller size in the morning. Thus, measuring one’s finger in the evening will give an accurate measurement with the help of ring size chart.

Right temperature

Weather plays an important role while measuring the size of the ring finger. Ring size chart can be accurate when the intended wearer’s ring finger is measured at the optimal temperature. During winters or in cold environment fingers shrink in their sizes. While during the hot or humid summers finger may increase in their size. Thus, one must avoid to measure the size of ring finger on a very cold or hot day.


Ring size chart give accurate readings. One can always depend on this small ring size chart to provide the measurements one seeks. They never disappoint. However, one must be careful to buy quality ring size chart. False or incorrect readings printed on the ring size chart can in every way make the task of the jeweller difficult and can lead to improper and unfit ring to be manufactured.

Teaching tool

Expert craftsmen through their vast experience can measure the size of the intended wearer’s ring finger without much hassle. But learning how to use ring size chart for correct measurementsis crucial for the novices or trainees. All trainees are required to master this craft. To use a ring size chart is an essential part of their training. Only through practice and training under an expert, the knowledge of the fine craft of ring making can be learnt.

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