The Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage in 2023

Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more popular by the day, and they are expected to become even more attractive in the coming year. As of 2023, there will be a few new rules in place that you need to be familiar with if you’re planning on enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan. To help you understand the changes coming down the pipeline, here is what you need to know about Medicare Advantage 2023

What Is Medicare Advantage? 

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are an alternative way for people who are already enrolled in traditional Medicare (Parts A & B) to receive their health coverage. MA plans cover everything Parts A & B do, but also include additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage that traditional Medicare does not offer. MA plans also often come with lower out-of-pocket costs than traditional Medicare and may even provide coverage for prescription drugs. 

Changes Coming in 2023 

Beginning January 1st of 2023, there will be several changes made to MA plans that beneficiaries should be aware of: 

• For the first time ever, beneficiaries who qualify for Medicaid will be able to enroll in an MA plan without paying any premiums at all! This means it will be easier than ever for these individuals to access quality healthcare at an affordable price. 

• The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced a new “value-based insurance design” model that will reward high-performing MA plans with extra funding if they meet certain quality standards. This is intended to incentivize providers and insurers to offer more comprehensive services at competitive prices. 

• Beneficiaries who opt into an MA plan will now have access to more preventive care services than ever before—including vaccinations and screenings—at little or no cost to them. This could lead to better long-term health outcomes since preventive care can catch many illnesses before they become serious issues. 


The changes coming down the pipeline for Medicare Advantage in 2023 could mean great news for current enrollees as well as those considering enrollment in the future! With no premium fees for some beneficiaries and access to more preventive care services than ever before, it’s clear that this program is becoming increasingly attractive over time. If you’re looking into your options for health insurance coverage next year—or beyond—be sure to consider a MA plan! It just might be the perfect solution for your needs!

In addition to the changes coming in 2023, there are also a number of perks that come with enrolling in Medicare Advantage today. Many plans include prescription drug coverage and additional services such as vision, hearing, and dental benefits. Plus, you won’t have to worry about network restrictions; MA plans allow you to receive care from any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, both in-network and out-of-network providers. And if you need extra help with activities of daily living, many plans also offer home health services such as physical therapy and skilled nursing care.

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