The Top 3 Custom Leather Holsters to Buy in 2021

Hostlers are commonly made up of leather, Kydex and nylon. All of the hostlers have their pros and cons. Moreover, each hostler is perfect for a specific job. No wonder, leather is a perfect choice for hostlers. Customers leather hostlers are a mixture of comfort, durability and it protects your gun for so long.

Best custom leather hostlers available today

Hostlers are available in various shapes and sizes. Your selection depends on your requirements and budget.

1. Custom LH04 Cowboy Rig

The hostler is perfect for speed and comfort. The LH04 RIG takes the experience of a shooter to the next level. For smooth reholstering, the product has rolled-out edges and it is great for a perfect fit. The extra-wide molded skirt of the product is made for stability and comfort.

2. 2010 for USP export custom

The under-cover of the product is great for large-frame semi-autos. It is designed by Kirkpatrick leather company for comfortable 24*7 usage. Its unique design keeps the gun close to your body. Take a look at some of its valuable features –

  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Full access to grip
  • Deep hand-molded for a smooth draw

3. Custom double rig

The product is prepared from high-quality American leather. One of the best online stores for purchasing custom leather hostlers is Kirkpatrick. They specialize in making leather hostlers for a unique firearm. Their hostlers are made with pride and integrity.

Rules to be followed while purchasing custom leather hostler

Various points are to be considered while buying a custom leather hostler. No wonder, shopping for a custom leather hostler is a challenging task. Numerous leather hostler makers are available today and they all ensure that their products are of high-quality. So, it’s hard to trust the one. It is advisable to follow these rules for a profitable deal.

1. Patience

Remember the proverb, Rome was not built in a day. So, be patient while searching for a reliable hostler maker. While searching for a hostler maker, take your time, think about it and finally, shop around.

2. Prior work

The key points like prior work/craftsmanship and edges are to be noted while purchasing your product. Wisely look at what he/she has done before? and is the holster maker is proud of his/her work? Make your buying decision only after checking these key points. Edges are the other way to check if the holster maker is legit or not? It is suggested not to prefer the holster maker who uses shortcuts for his work.

3. You will get for what you pay

Don’t look for holsters of $1oo-$200 if you have a tight budget. Custom leather holsters take days not hours to complete. So, look for the product according to your bankroll.


Custom leather hostlers are durable, safe, secure and comfortable. They are available for guns of different shapes, sizes and models. You can shop it either from online or offline stores. However, before making any buying decision, consider the key points mentioned above.

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