The Various Advantages Of Lithium Marine Batteries

Lithium Marine factories have various advantages compared to traditional AGM batteries. These marine lithium batteries provide different benefits to the boaters; thus, switching from AGM batteries to Lithium Marine Batteries can be very beneficial, as Lithium Marine Batterieshave great speed, better fuel efficiency, and less weight, to name a few.

Better Power

Unlike the other lead acid batteries in which the voltage is dropped immediately, the voltage in the Lithium Marine Batteries is held over the cycle. This results in more power from the Lithium Marine Batteriesover its process. Power is equal to the multiplication of Amps and Volts. Thus to provide more energy, a battery should be able to discharge more Amps and also hold its voltage over its cycle. 

There is a limitation in the Amps of the lead acid deep cycle batteries as they can get discharged which also results in constraints on the variety of the appliances in which they can be used. The range of batteries by Baintech High Power(HP) is perfectly capable of providing an output of 200A, and they can also peak upto 500A. These features make them suitable for all household appliances and even air-con appliances. There are also various Lithium Marine Batteries available in the market that can accommodate a continuous discharge of 100A and peak upto 200Amps.

Weight Reduction 

The Lithium Marine Batteriesweigh one-third of their. It may not sound like that critical factor, but a person who owns a caravan, 4WD, or a boat will understand its importance. The weight of a 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery can be equivalent to 38kg, whereas the weight of Lithium Marine Batteries, which will work as same as will be upto 12kg.

This means that we can easily double or triple our vessel’s stored battery capacity. We can also alternatively use the reduced battery weight in exchange for bringing some extra equipment or passengers on board. Having weight reduction also results in increased performance and fuel efficiency.

Better Usable Capacity

These Lithium Marine Batteriesare known for having more usable amp hours than the others. These batteries provide better functional capacity before recharging than lead acid batteries. DoD (Depth of Discharge) refers to the discharge of the depth of the battery as the percentage of its rated capacity. To have a decent battery life, the lead acid AGM battery must be discharged upto 50% DoD only.

Whereas Lithium Marine Batteries can be quickly discharged upto 90% DoD without the involvement of any risk. Remember, it is 1.8 times or 9/5 times better than the other lead acid batteries in storage capacity. Thus the battery can be easily used for a long time durations before there is a need for discharge and any damage happens to the battery.

Also, these batteries get charged very fast. Whereas for the other batteries, like a lead acid battery, to get charged is a time-consuming experience. Sometimes it can also be an overnight charging experience. Also, various charging stages are involved, such as float, bulk, and absorb. With Lithium Marine Batteries,there is no need for these different charging stages.

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