Tibet travel payment

Mainly we accept four payment methods: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfer, Western Union Transfer and Wechat. If you pay by Credit Card (Visa or Master Card), please associate your credit card to your paypal account firstly. Here we list each of them below to give you a clear instruction on how to pay more efficiently and safely.

1. PayPal (with or without PayPal account, you can also use Credit Card though PayPal online)

a) If you already have a PayPal account, please follow the easy steps in paypal.com to make payments to payal”@”tibettravelexpert.com

b) If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also secure your payment by using your Credit Card via PayPal.

Attention: (1) Please send us an email to confirm that payment by using the email address attached to your PayPal account. (2) If the payer is not one of the travelers, clear photo copies of both the payer’s and travelers’ passports are required via email. (3) You need to pay a service fee of 6% to let us finally receive your money. (4) Due to high banking fee by paypal, it is suggested for small deposit only (e.g, less than 500$).

2. Wire/Bank Transfer- for Tibet Travel Payment

Wire/Bank Transfer is comparatively cheaper than the other ways of payment in terms of the transfer fee. So if you are going to pay a large amount, we suggest you use this way. Also, you should pay for the transfer fee by yourself. We are not responsible for that part. It usually takes 2-5 days for the money to reach our company. You should email or fax us the photocopy of your bank receipt with tracking number (fax No. xxx-xxx). Our bank information is following:

A) Owner’s Individual account:

Beneficiary Name (payee’s name): YANG KUN ZHI  (Note: Please put “YANG KUN ZHI” as one single name (no need to specify surname and first name)
Paper book Bank account: 138800421383 (if you send bank telex wire transfer from abroad)

Debit Card Account: 6216 6079 0000 0062 731 if you wire money from ATMs or counter desk in any bank branches from China or by bank transfer from abroad
Bank name: Bank of China, Tibet Branch (中国银行西藏分行)
SWIFT (iban) Code: BKCHCNBJ900
Bank phone number: (86)-891-6813333-6111

Note: Beneficiary’s Personal address as on Identity Card (associated with the bank account: No.599, Jinliang Road, Xipu Town, Chengdu, China, if your bank does require Beneficiary’s Personal address as on Identity Card)

B) Company account (please reconfirm it with your advisor before transferring fund to this account)

Name of the Bank: Bank of China (Tibet Branch)

Name of the company: Tibet Niwei International Travel Co. Ltd

Account number: 138800002510

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ900

Bank Address: Linkuo, Road west 7# Lhasa Tibet, China

Bank Contact Number/Fax: +86 891 683 5030

3. West Union Transfer- for Tibet Travel Payment

West Union is a very fast and convenient way to make payment. If Western Union Service is available in the city where you live, you can choose this way. Also, it is especially recommended if you have an urgent booking. Please send us the following information after transferring:

Remitter’s First Name, Remitter’s Last Name, Sum of Money, Where you sent the money (i.e. City & Nation), Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN Codes) provided by Western Union. For the western union account details, your Tibet Trip Advisor will reconfirm to you by email when you are ready to book.

4. Wechat Wechat payment is efficient and popular in whole China and Tibet. Please add our general Manager Mr. Tony’s wechat Number: “TibetTravelExpert” and you can pay in this way, additionally you can keep in touch with Mr. Tony via wechat for instant support.

5. Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) for Tibet Travel Payment

Currently it is not convenient in Tibet to use credit card. Only few high end hotels and shopping malls accept international credit cards (VISA, Master Card, JCB card) and there is high processing fee. We accept credit card payment only when you associate your credit card with your paypal account, the fee is the same as pay by paypal.

Attention: The cardholder should be one of the tour members since we need the cardholder to sign the receipt after his/her arrival in China.