Traditional Japanese dish – the best for an individual to try

Traditional Japanese dishes are a major attraction apart from the rich traditional heritage that compels people from different countries to visit Japan. The delicious Japan food and drink can be enjoyed at authentic restaurants and roadside stalls. If you are lucky enough, you can grab a meal at the local’s house. There is a huge list of dishes that one must try but the ones that top the list are as follows.

  • Sashimi – It is the best dish in Japan. You can eat sashimi without rice. It is a raw fish that is sliced into pieces making it easy to eat. There are varieties of sashimi which you can enjoy at dinner. If you want to add flavor to your dish then you can eat sashimi with soy sauce. In the sashimi top, you can also add wasabi for the extra heat.
  • Unagi – In Japan, the unagi is considered as the best serve in the dining of high-class Japanese. It is also referred to as the eel. It is a kind of fish which is found in the rivers. In the unagi restaurants, you can enjoy kabayaki. As it good for digestion so there are many people who love unagi as a healthy food which stops the summer heat weariness.
  • Tempura – This dish contains ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood which is covered in the batter and also deep fried in the oil. The batter is made using a fix of egg and flour. Before eating, the tempura is dipped in tentsuyu which is a special sauce. This sauce is made up of broth from the dried bonito or Kombu, mirin. For having more refreshment in taste, you can also add grated radish and ginger.

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