What are the commonly played bets in soccer?

If you are looking for sports betting websites, you could try the likes of lsm99 where you can find several variations of bets. In this article, let us discuss some of the most common bets in soccer. 

Popular types of bets in soccer betting

Match bet – If you are a fan of soccer, you would know the possible outcomes of a match. Either there will be a winner, or there will be a tie. So, in a match bet, you would have to place your money on any of these three options. For instance, if you choose to bet on, say team A and the team wins the game, you will get your money doubled. Likewise, the betting options will vary among the three choices, a win, a loss, and a tie. But you would have to know one thing in particular. These three options would be concentrating only on the result of the game at the end of ninety minutes only. If there is a tie between the two teams during the end of ninety minutes and the game ends with an extra-time result, the betting result would not be a win or a loss. A tie at the end of ninety minutes would make the bettor who chose a tie, and they will ignore the result of the extra time. 

Asian handicap bet – Handicap in sports means the disadvantage over a side of the two teams playing the game. In an Asian handicap game, any of the two teams (powerful one or favorites) would get a disadvantage point depending on the type of the game. This disadvantage would be in terms of goals, and the favorites should win with a particular goal difference against the underdogs, and it is not enough for them to win it simply with one goal difference. For instance, you could have a handicap of +2 on Liverpool in a match where they are the favorites. You could get the payout only if Liverpool wins the game with a goal difference of three, and the opponent will win when it gets only a difference of one. 

Double chance – As said earlier, a football match would end with any of the three possible results. A double chance is the type of bet that allows you to place your money on any two of these three at the same time. You will win the prize amount if any of the selected two comes up as the result. The three options to choose in a double chance bet are as follows,

Win for team A or tie

Win for team B or tie

Win for team A or team B

Accumulators – Like a double chance bet, you would be betting on more than one outcome in an accumulator bet. But these outcomes will be on several games instead of the same game. You will pay once and pick an outcome for various games. Once all the outcomes come true, you will win. You will not get anything if any of the predicted outcomes fails. 

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