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What are the ways to trick slot machines?

When it comes to slot machines, many ways are present. Either you can play สมัคร slot or in the casino. For playing online, you need to learn a few strategies or tricks that help you to win a game. However, in a traditional casino, you can use different methods and tricks. Online slots have their perks and drawbacks. Make sure to read the entire requirement. You must amaze to know that you can trick the slot machines. Some of the methods are listed below,

Trick payout sensor: 

Every slot machine has a payout sensor that triggers the jackpot when you hit the winning combination. By flashing a light wand, you can manipulate the sensor. The trick was invented by Glenn Carmichael. He stated that the light wand shines so bright and ultimately blinds the sensor, and the hopper has to pay without realizing it. Many gamblers used to make $10,000 through this method. The light wand has a miniaturized light bulb and a camera battery that shines bright. It is necessary to know the inner working of slot machines. In this way, you will know of the science behind this. People used to make an agreement with the casino workers so that they can play freely. The overall method is risky, and you can get caught. However, be careful when doing this method.

Rigging the machine with computers: 

This method is known to offer you instant jackpots. It was invented in 1996 by Dennis Nikrasch who was a former locksmith. He hacked the slot machines with a computer to trick the payout sensors. The inventor broke the slot machines and manipulates the random number generator. After manipulating, he continues to play it till the blocker allowed him to hit the jackpot. Dennis Nikrasch made over $6 million through this method. However, he gets caught and sent to prison for several years. You can try this technique at your own risk.  

Getting free spins from other players: 

The common method to cheat the slot machine is to get the free spins from the previous player’s money. In this, you have to watch others while playing. You have to keep an eye on the player to check if the player has used all the money or some money has left. In higher denomination wager, people are allowed to do multiple spins at the same time. Many people don’t use it and leave the casino at early times. Casino considers these leftover coins as money. Upon caught, you can be charged as a criminal no matter how much you have used.


The method of cheating slot machines is risky, and you have to be prepared for anything. If you love to take the risk, you should be willing to pay for it. It is preferred not to use this method because you can get into real trouble. In case you get lucky, try not to use these methods frequently as you can end up in jail for several years.

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