winkel beveiliging (shop protection) – The Right security system for you

Running a retail store may be difficult for a variety of reasons, but one of them should not be security. Profit loss may be caused by many factors and could this could be shoplifting, fraud, staff theft, and data security difficulties, but most of these crimes are avoidable with the correct security measures in place.

One of the most important issues that shops confront is staff and consumer theft. According to the National Store Federation’s 2017 report, approximately 70% of retail shrinkage is caused by shoplifting or staff theft. This may be a bit difficult to manage in a business as employees are the people you trust to keep your shop going. Implementing a security system will avoid any rifts between you and your employees.

The most important step for one to take in avoiding crime and increasing your business’s revenue is protecting your retail shop by installing a winkel beveiliging (shop protection) that suit your security. This would create a safer atmosphere for both consumers and staff. And so now, the main question would be is what security measures do you need to invest in? With this, let’s start discussing on what you need in a retail security system.


It’s a good idea to assess the products you will be guarding before choosing a security system, whether it’s a little shop or a bigger chain of businesses or warehouses. Working closely with a security specialist will not only assist you in determining how many cameras to purchase and where to install them, but will also give advice on access control, fire alarm systems, and other security and employee safety measures. The following are the security measures that you should consider installing:

Security cameras

A security camera system may also assist shop managers in ensuring that personnel are following processes and resolving situations with the assurance that security film provides.

Surveillance cameras

These cameras should have night vision and motion detection capabilities to ensure that if something happens, your security cameras will be able to capture it.

Security systems

In a multi-level structure with a significant student and staff presence, a quick and effective evacuation following the detection of smoke or fire might be difficult. Fire alarm systems that are incorporated into your school’s security system and use the newest technology while complying to current fire and construction requirements will give you a good start.

Access control systems

An access control system, which includes door locks with readers and the ability to grant credentials to certain individuals, can limit access to specific parts of your retail shop.

Fire Alarm system

Installing a fire alarm system will not only protect your products from burning down, but it will also protect both your customers and employees from any harm or potentially, death.

Professional Monitoring system

Even the most advanced security measures and technologies rely on human capacity to respond and act. However, you can’t constantly be on the lookout. That’s why, in collaboration with store owners or managers, most companies engage in expert monitoring services that are accessible 24/7 to check alerts, send authorities, and address situations.

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